Our Goal Is Simple, To Protect Seniors And Vulnerable Individuals From Financial Abuse And Fraud.

Elite Fiduciary Group is a California-based fiduciary service firm on a mission to help the elderly and vulnerable individuals safeguard their finances, protect their health and secure their future. We provide our clients with access to extensive capabilities and expertise that cater to their unique, ever-changing needs. 

From managing our clients’ assets, investments and finances to their health and day-to-day needs, our services are all-inclusive. Regardless of the complexity of your case, we will formulate the ideal solution that aligns you with your short and long-term goals while protecting your interests. 

Our Ethos

When you choose us, our world revolves around your needs. We tailor our services to our clients and commit ourselves to providing the highest standards of service deeply rooted in the following core values. 


Our loyalty lies with you. We work in the best interests of our clients and ensure that all our actions benefit you – no conflicts of interest involved.


With us, you never have to worry about surprises. We give full visibility of our clients affairs to all concerned parties and guide them through every process so they never feel left in the dark. 


We apply ourselves to fulfilling all objectives of our arrangements with our clients and ensure that all our actions and decisions comply with the law and our obligations as certified fiduciaries.


When you choose us, we are legally accountable to you. Our private fiduciaries work hard to ensure that they never fall short of our high standards of duty and act with transparency at all times.