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Making the right medical and financial decisions when you are aged can be challenging, let us do the heavy lifting. At Elite Fiduciary Group, we take over your health and financial responsibilities so you will not have to, through our power of attorney fiduciary services. 

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Our Services

Health Power Of Attorney

Our health power of attorney agents will oversee all issues pertaining to your health and take the best medical decisions to ensure your health.

Financial Power Of Attorney

From handling your bank accounts, assets, property, taxes and more, our financial power of attorney agents manage all your finances to secure your future. 

Our Duties

Duty Of Loyalty

Our power of attorney agents are bound by law to be loyal to you and act in your best interests, not ours – no conflict of interest or self-dealings. 

Duty Of Account

We maintain a record of all your accounts to give you the true state of what you own, from finances to assets. 

Duty To Disclose

We always disclose information and facts to those with the lawful right to access it or interest in the affairs of the principal’s affairs.

Duty To Protect, Maintain & Preserve

We commit ourselves to preserving, protecting and keeping your assets a in a good condition for as long as they are in our care. 

Duty To Perform Tax Filings

Our power of attorney fiduciaries will file all estate and income taxes you owe to keep your finances in order. 

Duty To Properly Invest

Following the prudent investor rule, we invest and manage all your assets and take all reasonable measures to minimize your risks and maximize your returns.

Duty Of Confidentiality

We maintain confidentiality regarding all your affairs. Our power of attorney fiduciaries never disclose your information to unauthorized parties. 

Ready To Get Started?

Our power of attorney fiduciaries are ready to carry out the terns of your power of attorney with the highest degree of good faith and fidelity. Let’s get started.