Secure The Future Of Your Loved Ones

Losing a family member is not easy, let alone taking the next steps to secure their assets and ensure that what they would have wanted is fulfilled. At Elite Fiduciary Group, we protect our clients’ interests by ensuring that descendants and beneficiaries get the most out of the assets and resources left behind. 

Our Services

Trust Administration

When you name your heirs and beneficiaries you would want to take over your assets or receive money when you pass away, our California fiduciaries can serve as trustee administrators. We handle all responsibilities of administering a trust and guide beneficiaries throughout the entire process when the grantor has passed on. 

Our duties include:

  • Gathering documentation
  • Evaluating and recording assets
  • Notifying concerned parties and the authorities
  • Fulfilling tax obligations
  • Communicating with creditors and paying obligations
  • Protecting trust assets and resources
  • Granting beneficiaries access to funds

Probate Administration

If a person passes away without leaving a will behind, there may be a need for probate administration. However, the probate process is not only expensive but also very long, lasting several months or even over a year. Let our private fiduciaries step in and handle the entire process on your behalf while you grieve. 

We ensure that all assets of the deceased are protected and ensure that all court proceedings run smoothly, from paperwork to court appearances and more. 

Ready To Started?

Our California private fiduciaries are ready to help you with your entire probate or trust administration process. Let’s get started.